Kay's Priorities

Bringing Jobs to Oklahoma

Middle-class Oklahomans are struggling to find jobs to support their families. Kay wants to make sure these hard-working people have every opportunity to succeed.

Kay understands two of Oklahoma’s strongest assets are small business and entrepreneurs. She supports tax breaks for these small businesses that are creating jobs right here at home.

Kay believes the legislative majority should end partisan posturing and work to find sound, common sense solutions for all Oklahomans. As your Representative, Kay always remembers she works for the people and has put the needs of Oklahomans above partisan politics.

Making Education a Priority

Education is a cornerstone of Oklahoma’s success. Kay believes without an educated population, our future as a state will suffer. We must provide quality education to our children to ensure an educated work force for the future. Kay believes a strong education system will also attract quality jobs and companies to our state.

As State Representative, Kay has visited every school in her district and held numerous discussions with teachers, administrators and parents. She knows that we need to empower teachers to do their job, not burden them with unnecessary oversight and red tape. At the same time, Kay believes that we need to provide standards so Oklahoma’s students can receive the best education possible.

Over the past few years Oklahoma has made the largest reduction in education spending in the nation, with funding dropping by 22.8%. Kay believes this is unacceptable and has always been a voice for providing more resources for our public schools. She won’t let frivolous spending and irresponsible tax cuts get in the way of making sure Oklahoma’s children receive the best education possible.

Caring for Our Women and Children

Oklahoma is consistently ranked among the last in the nation in the health of our children, domestic violence against women and incarceration of female inmates. Kay wants to find solutions to these challenges and ensure Oklahoma is a safe and healthy place for all of our women and children.

Kay is taking the lead on protecting women and children who get caught up in the cycle of poverty and violence. That’s why she serves on the board of the Justice Alma Wilson SeeWorth Academy which currently serves 485 at-risk youth in Oklahoma City. As a state legislator, Kay has sponsored legislation to help prevent suicides in our schools and and help our students who are struggling. Kay commissioned a study to research the correlation between domestic violence and poverty and has authored legislation to provide resources and comfort to those families who experience violence in the household.

Smart Government

Kay understands government services are essential to the public good and also understands that our state faces budget challenges year in and year out. Instead of looking toward poorly planned “consolidation” of these services, Kay believes we need a smarter, more efficient government which will balance the government services we need and the costs of those services.

Kay also believes the majority of our legislative leaders must stop passing frivolous and unconstitutional legislation which is being challenged in court and often times defeated. These lawsuits not only cost Oklahomans valuable taxpayers dollars, but as importantly, they erode the faith of all of us in the legislative process. That’s why she has authored legislation to provide a fiscal analysis on every bill that could be challenged in court, so everyone knows the cost to the taxpayers before legislators vote on unconstitutional legislation.